Few films have brought to life festivals dedicated in their honor, let alone a religion. But that is exactly what today’s title has done, in 1998 we were blessed to meet the Dude or His Dudeness but never Jeffery Lebowski. This instant classic brought to us by the Coen Brothers, follows the lack luster life of the Dude as he wanders aimlessly with no real direction except down the bowling lane. Suddenly thrust in to a wacky and off the wall kidnapping mystery, full of colorful characters, including nihilists, a rich man named Jeffery Lebowski, his trophy wife Bunny, his daughter artist Maude, and porn magnet Jackie Treehorne. The Dude is drug into this tangled web of lies and hilarity, when Jackie Treehorne sends some goons to get money from the Dude that Bunny owns, somehow confusing the unemployed Dude for the Millionaire Lebowski. The goons cross a line by pissing on the Dude’s rug, not just any rug but a rug that really tied the room together. Filled with twists, turns, and more memorable one liners than most people can handle, this is truly an instant classic. Filled with a cast that seems like a dream you never knew you wanted to see together. We have The Dude played perfectly by Jeff Bridges, his buddies Donnie played by Steve Buschemi, and Walter, masterfully handled by John Goodman. Rounding out with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore, Tara Reid, Peter Stormare, Flea, David Huddleston and the raspy smooth voice of Sam Elliott as the storyteller. With these players running the show, you will never see all the joy coming at you as you watch in awe and wonder as a classic tale of slacking, drinking, and bowling, wisp you away to a land you never knew you wanted to visit and live.

If you some how have not blessed your soul with this film, you are truly denying one of the greatest pleasures available in this world. Spend the time check it out and bask in the wisdom of the Dude.

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