So as it is Valentine’s Day, lets talk one of my favorite romantic comedies. Can’t Buy Me Love (1987), a film that shows you never know love till you know yourself and can show that to the world. Starring a young Patrick Dempsey, and the left this world way to early Amanda Peterson, and a very young Seth Green. The story follows Ronald Miller, Dempsey’s character as he begins to take on his senior year in high school. Always the outcast, and peeking over the fence at the popular group, especially the head cheerleader and royal hottie of the school, Cindy Mancini. Invisible to all except his three close friends, Ronald would do anything for that one chance to be known by at least just Cindy. Ronald has spent his whole summer mowing lawns to pay for a new telescope, the day arrives to make his purchase, however while at the mall he spy’s Cindy arguing with a clerk. In a fortunate accident, well for Ronald at least, Cindy had worn her mom’s suede jacket against her wishes to a party and be drenched in red wine. Trying anything to convince the clerk to save her to no avail. Ronald comes to the rescue and offers to pay for a new jacket, if Cindy will date him for a month to make him popular. As you can imagine things go haywire, and some hilarious and heart warming moments as well as some cringe worthy events, all come together to make a truly touching ¬†romantic film of first loves. A definite must see for anyone who likes romantic comedies or 80’s cinema.

To also cover V-Day I would like to touch on perhaps in my humble opinion, the best romantic couple of all. Amy Pond and Rory Williams from Doctor Who. The Ponds as called by the Doctor, show anyone willing to watch exactly what devotion and communication mean to a relationship. Rory is called “Rory the Roman” the man who waited, because he stood guard over Amy as she slept for over two thousand years. Always watching and protecting his love. Before which Amy brings him back from the dead by simply refusing to forget him and knowing that no other love will ever do. These two constantly show us exactly what love can be and should be. Probably one of the most heart wrenching moments in television history was the episode of Doctor Who, season 7, The Angels Take Manhattan. With Rory sent back to the 1930’s by the Weeping Angels, Amy surrenders herself to them, in order to spend her days with her love Rory. Dedication and love and everything else that we should inspire to be in a relationship, can be learned by just watching the Ponds. Not always gooey, or sappy, sometimes down right cross with each other, but yet always united and one. For my money no one beats the Ponds. Not to take anything away from the David Tennant years, or any other Doctor. But to me Matt Smith and the Ponds are the ones who are can’t miss. People always ask which Doctor to start with, and I always say you should check out Christopher Eccelston and Tennant. Matt Smith though is a great place to start.