As promised lets talk some High Fidelity. First off I would like to cover a topic that seems to be rather polarizing with most people. Music in movies, some people seem to find music a distraction in film. While others like myself find that it can certainly add to the experience. Then there are some certain movies, where the music plays an intricate piece to the storytelling. Now I am not talking scores here, for yes in a few films, such as Schindler’s List, The Last of the Mohicans, The Mission. These films the score speaks volumes to the audience. But for this discussion we are more focusing on the use of vocal songs, being used to help the director to tell his story. High Fidelity is one that follows this formula, weaving a compelling story with engaging acting, and a soundtrack to get lost in. A good soundtrack can instantly transport you back to the film, when you hear a simple song from it. This one in particular graces us with tracks from, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Stereolab, Elvis Costello, The Beta Band, and many others. The movie follows John Cusack’s very relate able character Rob Gordon, owner of Champion Ship Vinyl, a record shop in Chicago. We meet Rob as his long time girlfriend is leaving him, and follow along with him as he navigates the post break up waters, trying to keep his above water meanwhile trying to figure out where it all went wrong. One charming feature of this movie, is the filming style, which makes you feel like it’s just you and John Cusack walking around Chicago talking like old friends. The film also features the comedic blessings of Jack Black, Todd Louiso, as well as a touching ex-girlfriend played be the lovely Iben Hjejle. Rounded out with some exceptional help from Tim Robbins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Joan Cusack (of course), Joelle Carter, Lisa Bonet, and host of others. The running gag through the film is Rob’s Top Five lists, a charming and catchy way to keep the audience engaged while Rob makes his way through the break ups of years past. This film grabs a hold of you right from the beginning and never lets you go, in every step you are sure to find parallels to your own life.  The music will always constantly give you that swell in your heart as you listen a drift back in your mind to times of your youth. A touching romantic comedy, that anyone ever in love or loss can relate to. Definitely worth your time.