So just finished the first film of the evening, one that in this writers opinion is a greatly underrated coming of age pictures. All I Want or sometimes called Try Seventeen from 2002, starring Elijah Wood, Franka Potente, Mandy Moore, and Elizabeth Perkins. The film follows Elijah Wood’s character Jones Dillion, as he attempts to begin his first day of college, which he immediately drops out after orientation and meeting his roommate. Bestowed with a good amount of money from the recent passing of his grandfather, and directionless from a life spent bouncing from boarding school to school. He is desperate to find his place in life, a mother who refuses to tell him anything of his long absent father, and advanced beyond others, at the young age of seventeen. Jones manages to rent and apartment and finally begin to set some roots, through the use of a vivid imagination and ability to convince people he is older then he appears. Life starts to flow at a pleasant pace for him, his new neighbors, a gay cowboy painter down stairs, a self absorbed actress, and an edgy beautiful photographer, round out the make shift family he has searched for. Filled with good humor, off the wall fantasies, and heart warming bonding and love, this film is a delightful hour and a half escape. Do not go in looking for mass hidden meaning or something heavy, or you will surely leave disappointed, but yet come in with a light heart and will to just be entertained.

Please feel free to leave comments or requests of anything I should check out or talk about on here. Hitting Up High Fidelity next, a can’t miss for anyone with a pulse, so stay tuned.