Well here I sit it’s February 4th 2017, here in the U.S. we have a reality TV star as president, terrorism, famine, global warming (well not according to the president), and if any person can get on social media without feeling like screaming, please tell me your secret. What better way then to get through this thing called life, then the movies? A good film allows you to escape into any world, just push play.

In a time when it seems like most people are just looking for the negative, oh the acting was horrible, the effects are crap, the story was weak. I am here to say just like with most people there is good and beauty in just about every movie, if you allow yourself to look. The films I will share are ones that have spoke to me, made me cry, laugh, or even just went HUH? what the hell did I just watch. So away we go.

I could start with some easy ones like for instance anything by Kevin Smith or Joss Whedon, my personal hero’s when it comes to directors. But instead I am gonna start with a movie from the 80’s that seems like many are not aware of.

Ladyhawke, a gem from the wonderful year of 1985. Starring Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Matthew Broderick, and directed by Richard Donner. Set in medieval France, this action, adventure, drama, romantic comedy, though dark has some fantastic scenery, strong acting, and solid story. Broderick plays Philipe Gaston aka the mouse. begins the film escaping from an over crowded dungeon quickly filling the film with quick wit and comic relief. The story follows Navarre the ex captain of the guard, Isabeau the woman of any mans dreams, and Philipe. Navarre and Isabeau lovers cursed to always be together but forever apart by the evil, ruthless, bishop. Navarre to always spend his nights as a wolf, and Isabeau her days as a hawk. Follow along as they search for the answer to end there curse and seek revenge. Romance, for a great date night film, with plenty of action for those looking to get there blood pumping. This is a gem hidden away by the sands of time, but most definitely worth the search.